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A Note on Site Translation

The New Mexico Museum of Art wants its resources to be as accessible as possible. For a website, one component of accessibility is language. The Humanities Project includes human translated text for select curriculum, but also employs machine translation to enable the site to be fully explored in languages other than English. 

Colorful diorama of the puppet, Zozobra, and fiesta-goers surrounding him. The figurines are arranged on an orange circular base. A yellow car appears at the base of the Zozobra figure, along with people on horses.

How to Read an Object Label

This post explains how to interpret the object labels that you will find throughout this site and on the walls of our museum galleries.

Screenshot of the home page of New Mexico Art Tells New Mexico History, the old educational resource from New Mexico Museum of Art.

New Mexico Art Tells New Mexico History

If you are a fan of our online resource New Mexico Art Tells New Mexico History, you’ll be happy to hear that we are transferring that content here to The Humanities Project.

The entrance of the New Mexico Museum of Art's 1917 Plaza Building. A New Mexico State Flag and the US flag blow in the wind against a clear blue sky. The Pueblo Revival-style building is adobe with wooden vigas and window coverings.

Welcome to the Humanities Project!

Welcome to The Humanities Project, a resource of the New Mexico Museum of Art, a Division of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs.